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Bone Marrow Cancer

Top Five signs of Bone Marrow Cancer you can’t ignore

February 13, 2017

Cancer is a deadly word that terrifies anyone stronger and the strongest. Once it develops and you had no idea of its cause and symptoms, you have to consider the bone marrow transplant procedure. No one wants to go through the last resort of curing it. Prevention is better than cure and that is apt when we talk of bone marrow. When someone is diagnosed with it, one has to be prepared for stem cell and bone marrow transplant which can be hectic. Many people withdraw the decision of bone marrow transplant owing to the bone marrow transplant cost in India.

Here are top five signs of bone marrow that you shouldn’t ignore

  1. Fever recurring: Fever is normal and we know that fever is not a sign of a deadly disease like cancer, but if the fever recurs and is bothering you, then, you should know that visiting a doctor should be on your mind.
  2. Gums bleeding: If you have the problem of bleeding gums, and you have tried everything to cure it but haven’t helped, then keep a tab on it if you want to avoid the bone marrow transplant procedure.
  3. Pain in the bones: Bones pain when in old age but if the pain keeps on continuing, then you must consider checking with a doctor because better late than never.
  4. Menstrual bleeding: Menstrual bleeding might also be a cause of ovarian cancer but don’t take it for granted Medanta hospital, Gurgaon highly recommends that it should be taken care of before it reaches its peak.
  5. Nosebleeds: Many times we ignore nose bleeding, but if it is heavy nose bleeding and you are suffering a lot from the recurrence, then please don’t avoid it. It is always good to know about the status before it is too late.

People are taking it for granted because they can’t bear the bone marrow transplant cost in India. “Health is wealth” and compromise is a word that one should be away from. There are a few hospitals that have been rated as the best in the field of bone marrow transplant in India, and doing a great work towards healing the souls suffering from Bone marrow cancer.

There are some of the best hospitals in India that have been helping sharing happiness to people suffering from bone marrow cancer. When there is a will, there is a way and being inspired to get it cured is an achievement in itself.

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