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knee replacement cost in india

Knee Replacement Cost and Tips to Recover after Surgery

December 28, 2017

One of the main factors why a number of patients shy away from the Knee Replacement procedure is its cost. Well, the surgery is definitely not cheap. It can range anything from $5000 to $8000. The variation in the costs is influenced by various factors like the surgeon’s fee, the method of treatment, the kind of anesthesia that is used, pair or single etc.

Once you are done with the surgery, the recovery phase after total knee replacement surgery is crucial to the success of the surgery. After the surgery, the average length of a hospital stay is 3 to 4 days which goes into resting up, starting physical therapy and taking care of your knee. One must use this hospital time to plan the recovery details. Prepare your home for recovery before the surgery keeping in mind these tips so that all you have to do is come home and relax.


After the knee recovery, space in the home is all you need for your safety. Space up your home enough to get a walker fit in. You need to walk and measure that how much you have walked in a day. This requires measuring tape and empty space.

To make space in your home, think of:
  • Removing rugs
  • Placing electrical cords and wires out of the way
  • Moving furniture
  • Boxing up anything you don’t need


As you won’t be walking much after the knee replacement surgery, you will be moving around your house at the same point. People need space and equipments to balance if they are about to fall. Other preventive measures include:

  • Installing nightlights.
  • Adding a handrail in your shower and next to your toilet.
  • Installing hand rails.
  • Using a walking device.
  • Adding texture to slippery floors.
  • Using a raised toilet seat.
  • Wearing nonskid socks.


As you will not be able to move a lot and will be sitting during the first few weeks after your return from the hospital, choose a recovery area with a sturdy chair to relax in. Your chair should also have a solid back and arms. Your recovery area should also contain items within arm’s reach to limit the amount of times you have to get up. Consider having the following items on hand near your chair:

  • Spectacles
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • TV remote
  • Books to read
  • Napkins
  • Medications
  • Water bottles
  • Snacks


Knee Replacement surgery makes it difficult to move and do regular household chores. Consider asking your family or friend to stay with you during the initial recovery period, or arrange for in-home care. Arrange for assistance with:

  • Changing bandages
  • Monitoring your condition post-surgery
  • Bathing
  • Getting dressed
  • Household chores

The lesser you work, the quicker and more successful your recovery will likely be.

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