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Cancer Treatment India At Minimum Cost

Cancer Treatment in India at Minimum Cost: Special Packages for Iraq Patients

October 24, 2017

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating for one and all! It is a disease that people dread. They have an inherent fear of treatment, of relapses, of dying…and so on. It is normal to be plagued by such feelings of anxiety, given that cancer is regarded as of the leading cause of mortality worldwide. While the disease is challenging, there are many evolving treatments and therapies that are extremely effective. In fact, survival rates have shown a significant improvement over the recent years with many cancer patients enjoying a normal life post treatment.

Cancer Treatment India:

When it comes to treating the lethal ailment, India is second to none. Equipped with state-of-the-art surgical oncology facilities, latest devices, innovative equipment, top-notch diagnostic/imaging services, optimal patient care, and the finest surgeons, the cancer hospitals in India provide the best treatment.

Cancer Treatment Cost in India:

Cancer treatment is extremely affordable in India. Cutting-edge remedial options like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immuno therapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, stem cell transplant, and the latest non-invasive cyber knife surgery are offered at half the cost compared to Western countries. The treatment cost, however, depends on the type of cancer, stage of the disease, the kind of therapy needed and the number of the cycles. Radio therapy is reportedly the most expensive.

Special Packages for Iraq Patients:

Thanks to cost-effective treatment and excellent medical service at the premium hospitals, India has emerged as a popular medical tourism destination. Patients from across the globe throng the Indian shores to get a new lease of life. Iraq is one such country that is reaping the benefits of specialized cancer care in India.  While cancer treatment is available in Iraq it is beyond the financial capacity of the layman. With no other option available, the patients seek medical help in India to battle the malignancy. Some of the best cancer hospitals in India offer special packages to  cancer patients which include everything pertaining to the treatment from consultations, expert opinions to the actual procedure. Utmost care is taken to provide them with boarding and lodging at a nominal rate. In addition, the patients are given access to facilities such as translators and foreign money exchange.

India Health Help is a preferred medical tourism partner of India’s top private hospitals such as Medanta, Fortis, Artemis, Global, Max Healthcare, Jaypee and much more. The renowned healthcare firm goes the distance to offer a streamlined experience to Iraq patients looking for the best cancer treatment at a reasonable price.

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