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Best Cancer Surgeon Dr Vinod Raina

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November 28, 2017


When you are diagnosed with cancer, you may feel lost and somehow try to find your way to safety.  In the initial consultation with an oncologist, people are likely to be anxious and confused which can interfere with the aptitude to take in important information about the health condition and make crucial decisions about other’s care.

What actually help is to know how to prepare for and what to expect on a consultation with a cancer doctor. Keeping in mind cancer which is increasing day by Dr Vinod Raina, one of India's first Medical Oncologist (Cancer Surgeon in India) with over 23 years involvement in field of Medical Oncology is offering free cancer consultation to people who are suffering from cancer.

To help you grasp most out of the consultation, we have mentioned few points on what you need to know and do before your consultation with the best cancer doctor:

Put together all your test results before going to the doctor

You may be asked to arrange for or bring such items as the copies of your X-ray, original glass slides from your biopsy, CT or Pet/CT scans and results of any urine and blood testing.

Write down all your questions

From now until the time of your consultation appointment, jot down the questions and concerns about your treatment options, side effects, prognosis, complementary therapies, etc in a notepad or smartphone.

Collect information of your family medical history

Put in order a list of close relative-both mother’s and father’s side, record their date of birth, time of death or current age. If any relative have/had cancer, list the type of cancer, age at diagnosis and outcome.

Get ready for your complete personal medical history

Mention all your prior and current illnesses, allergies, surgeries and side effects from medication. Also, list any nutritional supplements or non-prescription or prescription medications you currently take. Be honest about your lifestyle factors and conditions that may affect your treatment.

Ask your trusted relative or friend to come with you

Patients usually keep less hold on the information they hear at the initial consultation, so ask your companion to come along and take notes on the conversation and also ask questions on issues that you had not considered but that turns out to be quite important to you.

During your consultation in the best cancer hospital in India, keep in mind these points and follow them to get best out of the meeting:

Arrive on time
Review doctor’s early treatment plan
Discuss about the additional tests required for you
Ask your questions freely
Discuss with your doctor if clinical trial is an option for you

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