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Kidney Transplant Surgery

Affordable Medical Package for Kidney Transplant Surgery in India

October 9, 2017

Chronic kidney disease is major health concern affecting thousands of people worldwide.  When the kidney function of filtration deteriorates and is beyond dialysis, an end-stage renal disease patient requires a transplant for survival. The life changing surgery involves replacing a failing kidney with a healthy organ from a living or deceased donor. A successful procedure can reportedly double up the life expectancy.

Kidney Transplant Surgery:

Kidney transplant surgery in India is unparalleled thanks to world class surgeons, A-one hospitals, high-tech infrastructure and excellent supportive care. The surgery is expensive, but India offers budget friendly packages that include everything from A to Z. In fact, the kidney transplant cost in India is a fraction of that in the Western countries. Moreover, the waiting list is comparatively less and the surgery can be carried out immediately if a donor is available. No big surprise that patient’s travel in large numbers from abroad to avail the medical procedure in India.

Kidney Cancer:

The bean shaped kidneys can also become cancerous.  Adults normally suffer from renal cell carcinoma while kids are likely to be afflicted by Wilms’ tumor.  There are many options for kidney cancer treatment in India. These include surgery, arterial embolization, radiation therapy, biological therapy, or chemotherapy. Sometimes a combination of treatments is also adopted. By far the most common treatment for kidney cancer is surgery. This may involve removal of a cancerous tumor along with some of the adjoining kidney tissue (partial nephrectomy), or the entire kidney (radical nephrectomy). Depending on the stage of the disease, the adrenal gland and fatty tissue around the kidney is also sometimes done away with.

Kidney Cancer Treatment:

India has earned an enviable reputation of being the # 1destination for kidney cancer treatment. And why not! It has internationally accredited hospitals equipped with all the diagnostic and therapeutic facilities, high standard of medical care and experienced doctors famed for positive outcomes. To cap matters, the treatment cost of kidney cancer in India is pocket-friendly.  The expense is 60-70% lesser than what a patient would incur for the same treatment in the UK and the USA.

Reputed Medical Facilitator:

A range of remedial options, timely medical service and top-notch supportive care at a nominal rate prompts patients’ from the four corners to seek treatment for kidney problems in India.  India Health Help goes the extra mile to make their medical journey smooth sailing. The reputed medical facilitator ensures that a patient needs from correct information, expert opinions, consultations, follow-up sessions, boarding, and lodging, right through the surgery and aftercare are met at an affordable price.

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