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5 Stages in Stomach Cancer and Their Treatments

November 29, 2017

Cancer treatment majorly depends on where the cancer started in stomach and how far it has spread and with what speed it is increasing.

Stage 0 of Stomach Cancer Treatment

In stage 0, cancers are limited only to the stomach’s inner lining layer and can be treated by surgery alone as they are not grown into deeper layers. No radiation or chemotherapy is required in this stage. Either total gastrectomy (entire stomach removal) or subtotal gastrectomy (part of stomach removal) surgery is done as a treatment. Lymph nodes nearby are also removed.

Stage 1 Stomach Cancer Treatment

STAGE IA: In this stage, cancer is removed by subtotal or total gastrectomy along with the removal of nearby lymph nodes. After this surgery, no further treatment is required.

STAGE IB: Treatment for stomach cancer in this stage is surgery but before the surgery, Chemoradiation or Chemotherapy may be given to shrink the size of cancer so that it becomes easy to remove. In this case, doctors often recommend chemo or chemoradiation after surgery especially to those who didn’t get one before the surgery. Patients are often treated with same chemo after the surgery which was given to them before as well.

Stage II & Stage III Stomach Cancer Treatment

In stage II & stage III stomach cancer, surgery is the main treatment for the patients. Part of stomach or whole stomach is removed along with the nearby lymph nodes. Patients are treated with chemo radiation or chemo before and after the surgery as it shrinks the cancer and it becomes easy to remove with surgery. If the patient is suffering from other diseases as well or is old enough to have a surgery, they may be treated with chemo-radiation if they can bear it.

Stage IV Stomach Cancer Treatment

The cure is usually not possible in stage IV cancer as the cancer has spread to distant organs but treatment of course help in keeping cancer under control and relieving symptoms. Gastric cancer bypass or subtotal gastrectomy might include in the process to prevent the intestine and stomach from blocking and bleeding.

Laser beam in some cases is directed through an endoscope which can destroy most of the tumor and relieve obstruction without surgery. If required, a hollow metal tube known as stent is placed where the esophagus and stomach meet to help keep it open and allow food to pass through it. As these cancers are difficult to treat, new treatments being tested in clinical trials may benefit some patients.

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