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Brain Tumor Surgery Explained by Dr Arun Saroha

Yes, Brain Tumor Can Be Treated – Explained By Dr Arun Saroha

June 15, 2017

Most of us instantly get scared or anxious when we hear the words ‘brain tumor’. This is because brain tumor is one of the most dreadful health ailments which a person can suffer from. However, thanks to the advanced medical treatments, medications and according to the view taken by some of the best brain doctors in the world, even a dreadful ailment like brain tumor can be treated and the patient can look forward to living the second innings of his life peacefully, explains Dr Arun Saroha.

Understanding Brain Tumor

To explain it in simple words, tumor is a mass of tissue which is formed owing to the accumulation of abnormal cells. Owing to the presence of such abnormal cells, the normal cells cannot get created thereby disrupting the entire cycle. Brain tumor can be of two kinds, either malignant meaning containing cancerous cells, or benign which means not containing any cancerous cells.

Symptoms of Brain Tumor

Although the symptoms of brain tumor may be different for different individuals, nonetheless, some of the commonly observed symptoms by some of the best neurosurgeons in India are:

  • severe, persistent headaches;
  • fits or seizures;
  • continuous nausea, drowsiness or vomits;
  • Eye or speech related problems;
  • Numbness or tinkling of fingers of both, hands as well as feet;
  • Weakness in the body. In some cases, it may lead to paralysis also;
  • Memory loss, loss of concentration etc

The procedure required as well as what happens during the procedure to heal Brain Tumor

There are more than one ways of treating brain tumor. However, depending upon the kind of cells which have been diagnosed, along with the stage at which the tumor has been detected, doctors can suggest different treatment options to the patient.

However, by far, surgery is the most common method which is used by the doctors. In this method, the surgeon removes the entire tumor tissue from the brain of the patient. But in certain exceptional cases, the tumor is located at such a sensitive place that it is not safe to remove it with the help of surgery. In such cases, the best neurologists in India suggest taking help of radiation or chemotherapy as a remedy for killing the cancerous cells and reducing the size of the tumor.

Chemotherapy or radiation contains the use of high UV rays for destroying the dangerous cancerous cells. Owing to such powerful radiations, the neighboring healthy or normal cells also can get damaged. As a result of this, it is necessary that you consult your doctor and go for a second opinion before you actually proceed for the treatment.

Health safeguards post surgery

The treatment for brain tumor is a systematic one. Hence, once you go for the treatment, which can either be a surgery or chemotherapy, the next step in this would be the stage of rehabilitation. At this stage, the patient is usually treated by different therapists, including physical therapists who will help the patient to regain his balance as well as lost strength; occupational therapist to help the patient do all the normal chores like brushing, bathing, dressing etc all by himself as well as speech therapist to help him overcome his vocal abilities.

Best place to seek consultation

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