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Pros and Cons of IVF Treatment: The former is higher

April 27, 2017

IVF stands for in vitro fertilization and it is a highly recommended treatment involving four steps to getting pregnant. If a woman has been facing challenges to conceiving, then IVF treatment is the one solution that wouldn’t disappoint anyone. People avoid medical treatments in reputed hospitals in India for the costs involved. The cost of IVF in India is affordable and women who have undergone this treatment recommend it to the entire mommy to be.

Every treatment has its pros and cons and it is no different from IVF treatment too. Let us have a look at them.

Pros of IVF treatment

As it is a unique and proven treatment with high success rate, there are many pros attached that imbibe confidence in others.

  • The success rate in the field of this treatment is higher compared to other treatments available. IVF hospitals in India are well-known for their expert professionals and doctors who are responsible for increasing the fertility rate for families by gifting them with a bundle of joy.
  • The cost-effectiveness makes it a treatment for people of class of people without a second thought.
  • Earlier there was a notion that cancer can be one of the side effects of the process due to the injecting of drugs pertaining to fertility. This has been declared as null and void now which is great news for all aspiring parents.
  • The techniques and methodologies used are highly improved and advanced. Along with the advancement in the techniques, the affordability adds to the preference of choosing the treatment.
  • It is a safe process to conceive that has benefitted innumerable families in the past.

Cons of IVF treatment

Well, although there are many pros which inspire families to take a chance, the treatment has its share of cons too.

  • Although with the change in the trend of fertilizing, everyone might not be able to afford the cost. With a number of lab tests and visit to IVF doctors in India, one might be ready to spend more than the budget
  • For affordable IVF treatment, India is one of the best choices to make undoubtedly. What about the choice with the number of babies? That might be at risk because having only one baby as a result of the process is not guaranteed
  • Ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome is a side effect which may create complications for the woman. Apart from the mother, there can be complications in the baby born too.

Everything has its bright and dark side. But pondering over the possibilities of the brighter side can give one the answer.


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