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Knee Replacement Surgery

All You Need to Know About Knee Replacement Surgery in India

August 11, 2017

Arthritis does not seem to be the end of the world any more, what with knee replacement surgery having emerged as a saviour. When all else fails, patients are recommended to undergo this surgery which guarantees an active and pain free life.

Here are some important things that one should be aware of before making a decision to go for the surgery.

Knee Replacement Surgery Cost

The knee replacement cost is one of the main factors why a number of patients shy away from the procedure. Well, the surgery is definitely not cheap. It can range anything from $5000 to $8000. The variation in the costs is influenced by various factors like the surgeon’s fee, the method of treatment, the kind of anaesthesia that is used, pair or single etc.

Knee Replacement Surgery Benefits

There is no denying the fact that there are many benefits of replacing the knee joint. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why it is considered to be one of the best knee pain treatments. Let us take a look at what the advantages are.

  • Bid Goodbye to Pain: Arthritis is a painful condition. However, with a knee replacement, the patient can permanently get rid of this pain for life.
  • Getting Mobile: People suffering from knee pain tend to become immobile or have trouble walking. By getting knee replacement in India, their mobility improves.
  • Exercise is Fun: With mobility becoming an issue, patients of arthritis shy away from exercises. However, once they undergo the treatment they can get back to sweating it out with full gusto.

Knee Replacement Surgery Risks

Irrespective of whether one undergoes the knee surgery in India or any other country, there are some risks that one should be well aware of.

  • Far from Natural: A replaced knee can never be the same as the natural knee. Nor does it bend fully like the natural one.
  • Noisy: The replaced knee often makes some clicking and clunking noises and the person can hear this clearly.
  • Wear and Tear with Time: Just because the knee has been replaced does not mean there won’t be any more troubles. Sometimes the knee tends to wear down with time.

According to an expert at India Health Help, knee replacements last for close to 20 years. Thus, these surely seem to be one of the best options for patients suffering from arthritic pains.

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