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Hip Replacement Surgery with India Health Help

Low Cost Hip Replacement Surgery Packages for Global patients

November 16, 2017

What is Hip Surgery?

Hip Surgery is a practice which deals with hip disorders, fractures, diseases which usually require surgery to fix the medical disorder. The type of surgery depends upon the location of the disorder or ailment within the hip.

Hip Replacement surgery includes swapping of the hip joint that has been worn away by arthritis or has been damaged with artificial hip parts or implants called prosthesis. The prosthesis substitutes for the hip joint allowing smooth and frictionless movement. The objective of hip replacement surgery is to ease pain and increase the mobility and function of a damaged hip joint.

What are the Causes?

Doctors recommend a hip replacement to the patients suffering from dysfunction or pain in the hip joint. The most common cause of this is usually arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the most common reason for hip joint replacement. It occurs because of wearing of joints at or over the age of 50 years and results in chronic damage of cartilage in the joints. Elderly people have usually advised Cemented Total Hip Replacement.

Revision Hip Surgery also requires another hip surgery when the old surgery goes ineffective.

Arthritis patients suffering from any type of arthritis, damaged hip joint due to chronic autoimmune disease and marked deformities, require hip a replacement.

Replacement of a broken or Infected Hip also requires a hip surgery.

Common Procedures for Hip Surgery:

The following are the common procedures which are adapted for Hip surgery:

Total Hip Replacement: Hip replacement is one of the most common joint replacement surgeries. It is considered in patients with progressive arthritis that affects the patient's ability to do daily activities.

Girdlestone: Patients with severe mental and physical disorder suffer from cerebral palsy, hip fractures due to spastic movement of the leg(s), or even from positioning them in bed by caregivers. The usual candidate for a Girdlestone procedure is one who will never walk or does not walk at all.

Hip Osteotomy: In Hip Osteotomy, joints are cut, reoriented, and fixed in a new position. Healthy cartilage is placed in the weight-bearing area of the joint, followed by reconstruction of the joint in a more normal position.

Hip Resurfacing:  It is an attempt to preserve existing bones. Resurfacing involves capping the existing ball joint with a metal covering to improve range of motion and mobility.

Expected Results

With the success rate of 90%, hip replacement surgery has relieved the pain of patients. With time, increase in the range of motion has been seen and the patients may be able to play golf, swim or ride a bike comfortably.

Cost of Hip replacement Surgery in India

At India Health Help, we identify the worth of excellent health and well-being of our patients and hence our aim is to provide the best hip replacement in India at reasonable prices. Hip replacement cost varies according to the type of implant, surgeon, facility, and city where you choose to get the surgery done. Major hip replacement price difference is the key to bringing patients from all across the world for Hip Surgery in India. India is not only cheaper but offers quality service in terms of treatment and service. Approximate cost of one hip is $ 7500 while two hips is $ 11,000. Duration is approximately 5-7 days. The treatment is available in almost all the cities of India with advanced technology and infrastructure.

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