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liver transplant in India

Liver Transplant In India – Save Your Money with India Health Help

February 7, 2018

Replacement of diseased liver with a healthy liver allograft is known as liver transplant. In this process, native liver is removed and replaced by the organ donor in the same anatomic place as the original liver. Liver transplant surgery in India is often recommended as an option no other mode of treatment works. Mostly, after liver transplantation the patient will be free from disease, and lead a fairly normal life as long as the transplant functions.

Today, liver transplantation is a well-accepted treatment option by doctors for the acute liver failure and end stage liver disease. In this treatment, one anesthesiologist and three surgeons are involved with almost four supporting nurses. The surgical process ranges from 4 to 18 hours depending on the outcome of the patient.

There are three options for liver transplantation which have different liver transplant cost in India:

  • Living donor transplantation

  • Auxiliary transplantation.

  • Cadaver donor transplantation.

Living donor: Usually the donor is patient’s healthy family member, child, sibling, parent or someone sensitively close to you, such as a spouse, volunteers to donate liver part for transplantation. The donor is cautiously evaluated by the doctors to make sure that no harm comes to the donor or patient.

Auxiliary transplantation: Liver part of a healthy adult donor is transplanted into the recipient. Patient’s diseased liver remains intact until the auxiliary piece regenerates and assumes function. The diseased liver may then be removed.

Cadaver donor: Liver is taken from a person whose brain is diagnosed as dead and his family volunteers to donate the organ for transplantation. People who receive cadaver donors wait on the institutional / regional list until a suitable donor becomes available.

Cost of Liver Transplant in India

Liver transplant surgery is affordable in India in comparison to the other countries. Approximate Cost of liver transplant in India is $34,000 - $46,000 whereas cost of surgery in other countries like USA is $232,000- $462,000, UK is $ 59,000-$69,000, Germany is $139,000- $ 232,00. Trying this liver transplant in India can be of great help for the life ahead. There are best hospitals for liver transplant in India with a team of qualified doctors and specialist. At India Health Help, we help you in providing best liver transplant surgery from the specialists in the best suitable hospital. India Health Help is highly recognized medical tourism platform that offers to patients from around the world a chance to access some of best medical services in India at affordable prices.

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