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India Health Help making giant strides in Medical Tourism

July 14, 2017

The past few years have witnessed a considerable rise in the number of foreign tourists coming to India for the purpose of undergoing any medical procedures or surgeries. This has resulted in making India a popular destination for medical tourism.

Thinktanks connecting for Better Future

Vikas Malik CEO of India Health Help recently met Dr. Mahesh Sharma (Minister of state of culture and Tourism). Discussions regarding how to sort out the the problems of Translators/Tarjumans in medical tourism industry took place in this meeting.

It involved as a detailed discussion to aid better access to Indian medical facilities to the people of Afghanistan.

With such public-private collaborations, India is poised to remain the number one country when it comes to medical tourism. With sincere efforts and working in close collaboration with the Government of India, this is something which is easily achievable in the coming years.

Other things discussed in the landmark meeting included steps taken to increase transparency in operation related to medical tourism and how to provide direct connection between off-shore patients and Indian doctors.

Nature of medical procedures carried out as part of medical tourism

A wide range of medical procedures are carried out as part of medical tourism. These include beauty procedures such as organ transplant, cancer surgery, brain tumor surgery as well as hip and knee replacements and neuro surgeries.

Advantages of choosing India as the destination

There are many reasons why India has emerged as the final destination for medical tourists is primarily because of the cost factor which is involved. Although the cost of any medical treatment to be administered to a patient depends on many factors, nevertheless, a knee replacement surgery which costs approximately $ 30, 000 in the USA, the same procedure can be done in India at a 40% to 60% lower rate.

This is quite a significant amount which cannot be ignored. Moreover, India also has the same level of advanced and sophisticated medical equipments coupled with well qualified and well read team of medical practitioners which makes it a popular destination for carrying complex medical procedures.

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