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kidney transplant cost in India

Get Affordable Kidney Transplant Cost In India

March 25, 2017

Role of kidney in your body

Before jumping onto understanding what the whole process of a kidney operation is, it will be worthwhile to first understand where kidneys are located in the human body and what role do they perform. To begin with, your pair of kidneys is located towards your lower back. While one kidney is on the front part of your spine, the other one is on the back side.

Coming to the role which kidneys perform, kidneys help in filtering your blood and removing all the harmful toxins from the body which are later on sent to the bladder for the purpose of throwing them out either in the form of urine or excreta.

Reasons Resulting in a Kidney Transplant

When the kidneys no longer receive requisite amount of blood flow which is needed for the sound functioning of the kidneys, such a situation can result into a kidney failure. Some powerful hinters which can cause such a situation can be listed as follows:
 Any cardiac disease;
 heart attack;
 acute dehydration;
 severe infection;
 allergic reaction;
 heavy consumption of alcohol and drugs;
 presence of a blood clot near the kidneys;
 scarring of the liver or liver failure; or
 severe burn etc to name few.

Any or all these factors may result in the patient to undergo kidney operation, known as a kidney transplant.

What is a kidney transplant?

You don’t have to be a medical professional to understand the term ‘kidney transplant’. In simple words, kidney transplant or a renal transplant, as it is also known as, is a surgical procedure which is performed for the purpose of replacing an infected or ill functioning kidney with a healthy kidney which is donated by some other person. Of late, a kidney transplant has emerged as one of the most popular treatments for kidney disease.

Cost factor involved in a kidney transplant

Now that you have understood what the process of kidney transplant involves, you must have got a rough idea as to how expensive the whole procedure might get as there are innumerable factors involved in carrying out a single kidney transplant. On an average, one kidney transplant cost minimum of $ 14000 to $ 16000 which is quite expensive for a common middle-class person to afford.

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