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Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket
Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket
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       Dr Arun Saroha

Dr Arun Saroha is one of the Top Brain and Spine Surgeons in India. Dr Arun Saroha did his specific preparing in Neurosurgery incorporating both and mind and spine surgeries from PGI Chandigarh, India. He has broad experience of working at a portion of the best Neurosurgical healing centers like VIMHANS, New Delhi, India, Paras Institute of Neurosciences and Artemis Hospitals, Gurgaon, India. Dr Arun saroha is at present the Senior Brain and Spine specialist and Unit Head Neurosurgery at Max Hospital, Gurgaon and New Delhi, India and GNH Hospital, Gurgaon. Dr. Arun has broad involvement in the field of Brain Tumor Surgery, Brain Aneurysms, Spine Surgeries, Spine Instrumentation surgeries, Management of head harm patients. Dr Arun Saroha has accomplished more than 8,000 surgeries (Brain and spine) successfully till date with patients from all over the world. The group working under Dr. Arun Saroha incorporates Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Spine Surgeons, injury specialists, orthopaedicians and anesthetists to give basic therapeutic care to genuine patients in a convenient way. He is connected with numerous social associations for giving free treatment to poor patients also.

Dr Arun Saroha is one of the Best Neurosurgeon in India specializing in spine and brain surgeries. Dr Saroha has an experience of 15 years and over 6000 spine and brain surgeries that he has done as neurosurgeon at some of the best hospitals in India. Dr Arun has an expertise in Neuro-oncology, Pediatric spine and brain surgery, Neurotrauma, Stroke Cerebrovascular surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery, lower spine surgery, spine fixation and fusion surgery, brain mapping, sccoliosis surgery, brain tumour surgery and brain aneurysm surgery. He has distinction of performing spine surgeries through minimally invasive techniques. Dr. Arun Saroha’s team includes Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, spine and trauma surgeons, orthopaedicians and anesthetists to provide critical care. Get treatment from Dr Saroha who is having high success rate. Book your appointment now.


Medical School & FellowshipsInstituteYear
MBBSRajsthan University, Jaipur-----
MS (General Surgery)Rajsthan University, Jaipur-----
M.Ch (Neurosurgery)Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh-----
India Visiting FellowSingapore General Hospital, Singapore-----
MemberAO Spine – Delegate, Asia Pacific-----
MemberNorth American Spine Society – NASS-----
MemberAmerican Association of Neurological Surgeons – AANS-----
MemberCongress of Neurological surgeons-CNS-----
MemberNeurological society of India - NSI-----
MemberNeurological Spine Society of India - NSSI-----
MemberAssociation of Spine Surgeons of India - ASSI-----
MemberSpinal Cord Society - SCS-----
MemberWalter E Dandy Neurological Society-----
TrainingWorld Federation of Neurological Society (WFNS) Course-----
TrainingAO Principal Course-----
TrainingAO Advanced Course-----
TrainingAO Masters Course-----
TrainingAO Advanced Course – Davos-----
TrainingAO Tips for Trainers-----
TrainingSynthes Skeletal workshops-----
TrainingNumerous cadaveric workshops & Hands on training at various International centres-----


Designation & DepartmentHospitalYear
Consultant NeurosurgeryVidyasagar Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences (VIMHANS), New Delhi, India-----
Consultant Neurosurgery, Paras Institute of NeurosciencesParas Hospitals, Gurgaon, India-----
Chief NeurosurgeonArtemis Hospital, Gurgaon, India-----
Chief Consultant NeurosurgeryMax Hospital, Gurgaon & Saket, New Delhi-----

Awards & Achievements

Best Scientific Paper at IASO Conference1996
Best Resident for Critical Care in Neurosurgery at PGIMER2002
Best Scientific Paper Award on “ Brain Tumor Research” at NSICON2003
“Best Spine Surgeon” by BIG RESEARCH AWARDS at New Delhi2013
Performed more than 8000 Neurosurgeries (Spine and Brain) successfully-----


What is the reason for backpain?

Back pain is the complex problem; the causes are many. It can range from acute muscle injury to a significant problem in the structure of spine. Acute muscle strain which is commonly known as sprain is the most common cause of acute back ache. Chronic back pain can be multifactorial, the causes can be weak joints, weak bones, weak muscles, lifestyle disorders, so we have to evaluate regarding the cause and the treatment will be diagnosed accordingly.

Do you have a hope after you have brain tumour?

Yes, brain tumor doesn’t mean that is the end of the life. There are many types of tumors and the brain; depending upon the age the kind of brain tumor that you can be different. Young children usually have tumors which are malignant and they need an urgent surgery whereas the people who are more than 45 years of age they usually have malignant tumors. The young age group between 15-45 years who usually have tumors which are non-malignant. The diagnosis depends on the MRI report, patient age and clinical presentation. The final outcome and the decision would depend upon the surgical skills, the post-operative care and the medication along with associated therapies like Radiotherapy, Radio surgery(Gamma knife) and chemotherapy if required.

How safe is spine surgery?

Spine surgery is an extremely safe surgery. In India or in any developing country there is a misconception that spine surgery is dangerous which is not a fact. People do undergo spine surgery ranging from simple to complex problems. Most of them stand or walk the next day of the surgery. The techniques and instrumentations available today make it as safe and safer as compared to any other surgery. For us at SBI, if the patient has come walking is the rule has to walk the next day of the surgery. You can have a look at the various testimonials of the patient who have undergone the spine surgeries by our experts and know their live experiences. The bottom line is spine surgery is safe and the safest if it is in the experienced hands.

Do brain surgeries gives paralysis?

It is a major misconception that the brain surgery would lead to paralysis. It is not true, only 10-20% patients of brain tumour would have the risk to have a paralysis after the surgery. There are various new techniques and procedures to remove the brain tumours without having any weakness in the limbs. The techniques are Stereo-tactic guided surgery and the surgeries which are done with the aid of FMRI and nerve fibre imaging

What are the options available after having a spinal cord injury?

Once the spinal cord injury occurs, the mode of treatment depends upon the type of the injury. If there is a fracture, the patient would need the surgery which can ranges from cystoplasty to deep compression and fusion. Usually, if there a complete paraplegia and the surgery does no benefits except lining the spine and making it good for rehabilitation. Nearly 80% of the fracture in the age group of 50-80 years are treatable surgically with good results but fractures in young people with neurological deficient do not have a good chance. Fracture in young people with no neurological deficient have a good success rate as compared with the patient with older age group.

What does it mean when a doctor says that the surgery is the only treatment?

When the doctor says surgery is the only treatment available that means, no amount of drug treatment, allopathy, homopathy, physiotherapy or any other trick of the trail would be benefitted. As the doctor is sure that the problem is so significant and severe that the part of removal or surgery will be ideal for such a condition.

When can I join the work after the surgery?

Usually after the brain tumour surgery which are simpler like pituitary tumour, meningiomas, or well circumscribedtumours where there is no weakness after the surgery the patient can start going back to his work in about 2-3 weeks. As far as spine is concerned when the surgeries are small, microscopic or endoscopic then the patient can join the work after 7-10 days. If the spine surgery is the long or complex surgery the patient is able to join the job 3-4 weeks maximum.

Can I ever walk?

Yes, surely you will be able to walk.

  • If at all there are any nerves which are intact, they will start functioning better after the surgery, after the deep compression.
  • If you do not walk because of severe pain then the pain will go away and you will be able to walk.
  • If there is a nerve weakness and you are unable to walk, then you will be able to walk once the nerve is not under pressure.

Would I will be able to continue my same work after the brain surgery?

There are many kinds of brain surgeries. When the patient comes walking and he has been working till recently then after the surgery the patient will be able to walk again. There are very few cases where we feel that the weakness will be significant and the patient will not be able to walk, in such cases, usually we informed the patient well in advance.

What are the risk for the patient in case of disc surgery?

There is no risk, but, if there is any risk it will be less than 1%, whether it is a risk to life, risk of surgery getting failed, pain not getting relived, or new neurological problem like weakness etc. It normally doesn’t happen but if there is any chance 1 in 100, in that case it depends on many factors during the surgery.

Is the neurosurgery dangerous?

No, neurosurgery is as safe as any other surgery. We have progressed to the limit that now elective neurosurgery like brain tumours, is a surgery which is 100% safe and we are reaching the stage of near zero mortality rate with elective neurosurgery. This means the risk to life, the risk of neurological disorders, reduces because of the new machines, new techniques and care available.

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