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Medanta Hospital

Advance Cancer Treatment at Medanta Hospital, India

January 30, 2018

Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon, with state of the art facilities, equipment, and experienced faculty & staff, is completely dedicated to highly personalized and comprehensive cancer care. The cost effective solutions, personalized and patient centric focus with utmost care to all medical needs of patient are meticulously looked by experienced and educated teams.

Medicity Hospital has a mission to advance education, patient care, and continuous research to change the course of cancer care. The close collaboration between our Surgeons, Physician, Pathologists, Radiologists, and other allied specialty is one of their strong points enabling them to provide the best treatment available today to the patient as they work to find out more effective strategies to prevent and cure cancer.

Patient care:

Medanta Delhi with their current standards of care and treatment protocols have core focus on finding a cure for each type and stage of cancer. The strategies for treatment management, early diagnosis, rehabilitation, terminal care and pain relief have been established in a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach for cancer care. The doctors have incomparable expertise in diagnosing and treating all types of cancer as they use the latest technology and the most innovative, advanced therapies to increase the chances of a cure.

Surgeons in Medanta Hospital in Delhi are among the most experienced cancer surgeons in the world. They perform all type of cancer surgery and provide best treatment for cancer in India. They often use surgical techniques which are aimed at protecting organ without compromising overall survival outcomes.

Our medical oncologists and Radiation Oncologists have a vast experience and have pioneered leading technologies and techniques to effectively treat cancer. They use radiation therapy with chemotherapy which makes tumor cells more sensitive to the effects of radiation thus enhancing the success of therapy. They also manage the side effects of chemotherapy ranging from common to rarer ones, so that patients can lead relatively normal lives while receiving chemotherapy.

Medanta hospital, Gurgaon brings into practice world-class expertise of clinicians on the most critical issues in cancer care, while Surgical Oncologists and Radiologists work side by side, Reconstructive Micro Vascular Surgeons and Medical Oncologists to ensure the most effective treatment. It is considered as the best cancer hospital in India and patients from all over the world are visiting their doctors for their treatment.

In addition, at India Health Help, we identify your problem and disease and hence work our best on providing the best Cancer Treatment from the specialists in the best suitable hospital. India Health Help is a holistic medical tourism platform that offers to patients from around the world a chance to access some of best medical services in India at affordable prices.

Our treatments are available in almost all the cities of India with advanced technology and infrastructure. To know more about cancer treatment in India, visit our website, or call- (+91)-999-995-0957

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