Metro Hospital and Cancer Institute Preet Vihar

Established in 2002, Metro Hospital and Cancer Institute located in Preet Vihar, New Delhi is a 155-bedded highly specialized cancer and health care institute providing excellence in prevention, early detection, treatment & rehabilitation. A transparent, patient friendly hospital, it is also affordable for patients from all walks of life. Metro Hospital and Cancer Institute offers […]

Prostate Cancer-Surgical

Prostate Cancer-Surgical – The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located behind the base of a man s penis, ahead of the rectum, and below the bladder. It surrounds the urethra, the tube-like channel that carries pee and semen through the penis. The prostates main operate is to create seminal fluid, the liquid in semen that […]

Genitourinary Cancer Treatment

Genitourinary Cancer Treatment – 0

Bone Marrow Cancer

Bone Marrow Cancer – Bone cancer is greatly rare in adults. It begins in the cells that make up the bone. Cancer starts when cells begin to grow out of regulating. Cells in nearly any part of the body can become cancer, and could spread to another element of the body.

Ovarian Primary Peritoneal Cancer

Ovarian Primary Peritoneal Cancer – Primary peritoneal cancer (PPC) is a relatively rare cancer that develops most ordinarily in ladies. PPC is a shut relative of epithelial ovarian cancer, which is the commonest variety of malignancy that affects the ovaries. The reason for primary peritoneal cancer is unknown.

Fallopian Tube Cancer

Fallopian Tube Cancer – Fallopian tube cancer, also referred to as tubal cancer, develops in the Fallopian tubes that connect the ovaries and the uterus. it’s very rare and accounts for only 1 or 2 % of all gynecologic cancers. Symptoms of Fallopian tube cancer additionally could mimic those of different gynecological issues.

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer – Pancreatic cancer is a disease during which healthy cells in the pancreas close up properly and grow out of control. These cancerous cells can build up and form a mass known as a tumor. A cancerous tumor is malignant, meaning it can grow and spread to different parts of the body. as […]

Papillary Thyroid Cancer Treatment

Papillary Thyroid Cancer Treatment – Papillary thyroid cancer develops from follicular cells and typically grow slowly. it’s the most common variety of thyroid cancer. it’s sometimes found in one lobe. the only 10th to 20 of papillary thyroid cancer seems in both lobes. it’s differentiated thyroid cancer, meaning that the tumor appearance the same as […]

Penile Cancer Treatment

Penile Cancer Treatment – Penile cancer is a rare variety of cancer that happens mostly in uncircumcised men. Uncircumcised means that a person still has the piece of skin known as the foreskin covering the top of the penis. Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin and may reduce the danger of penile cancer. There […]

Small Intestine Cancer Treatment

Small Intestine Cancer Treatment – The small bowel is an element of the digestive system. Its function is to break down food and nutrients to be absorbed into the body. the tiny bowel is additionally referred to as the small intestine. It links the stomach to the massive intestine, which is named the colon. the […]