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5 Things You Can Do To Have a Healthy Heart

March 9, 2017

You may be aware that the right exercise and diet is essential for a healthy heart. But apart from the basics, not many take any precautionary steps to ensure that the wonderful organ keeps running without any hiccups for a long time. Here are five simple ways in which you can make your heart healthy. Remember that “A Healthy Heart equates to a Happier You.”

Incorporate these simple changes in your daily lifestyle and keep your heart in perfect shape.

  1. Not all fats are bad, include the Right fat in your diet

In the world of today, anywhere you turn, you’re sure to be plagued by loads of information that states that you should shun fats like it’s the devil himself. However, do you know that your heart needs fats to function efficiently? Yes, you read that right. You must include fats in your food. The glitch here is that not all fats are good.

Tip: Stay away from trans-fats. This is the main culprit for clogged arteries and increasing the bad cholesterol levels. Trans-fats are mentioned on labels as hydrogenated oil. Look for foods that state 0% Trans-fats.

  1. A healthy mouth is a Gateway to a Healthy Heart

Your Dental health is intricately linked to your overall well-being. Studies show that the bacteria in your mouth are likely to move into your blood and elevate the levels of C-reactive protein. This leads to inflammation of arteries and may, in turn, increase your chances of cardiac diseases.

Tip: Flossing and brushing regularly ward off not only cavities but also heart diseases.

  1. Don’t skip your ZZZZZZZs

Ah, sleep! The soothing activity that not only makes you feel rested but also revitalizes your heart. Losing on sleep can increase your chances of heart diseases irrespective of other factors like your age and diet. A study reported that adults over 45 years who got lesser than six hours of sleep per night had double the chances of a heart attack. Losing out on sleep triggers other harmful complications like blood pressure and inflammation of the blood vessels.

Tip: Try to clock in around 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

  1. Don’t be chained to your Desk

Recent research states that sitting for a long time is harmful to your health irrespective of how active you are. This is bad new especially for office-goers who are chained to their desks throughout the day. Apart from increasing the risk for cardiac diseases sitting leads to blood clots.

Tip: It’s important to move around often. Park a few blocks away, take a break every one hour and stretch your legs. Also, it doesn’t hurt to exercise often.

  1. Stay Away from Secondhand smoke

You don’t smoke? Well good for you and your heart. However, you must make sure to stay away from secondhand smoke too. Especially, people who have high BP or cholesterol have a greater chance of contracting cardiac diseases. This is because the chemicals in the smoke are known to increase plaque in arteries.

Tip: Avoid going near smoking zones. Be firm tell smokers that they can’t smoke anywhere near you.

Ultimately, a healthy heart requires changes in your erratic lifestyle. Follow these simple steps to protect your heart and keep it ticking in perfect shape for a long time to come.

Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person.


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