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Organ Transplant Procedure

5 Questions to Ask Before you Get an Organ Transplant

January 3, 2017

An organ transplant procedure, whether you are a donor or a recipient can be a life changing decision that cannot be taken overnight. Before you venture into the complex process of finding a donor, planning the transplant surgery and committing yourself to a whole new way of life, here are a few questions you must ask.

Am I the Right Candidate for an Organ Transplant?

Whether or not a patient is in need for an organ transplant is assessed on the basis of how life threatening it may be for that individual not to get a healthy organ. Furthermore, top hospitals and doctors also make assessments with regards to the chance of survival after the procedure is conducted to assess whether he or she is a candidate for the transplantation surgery.

Is there an Age Limit for Donating Organs?

There is no set age limit for donating organs. In case of a living donor or at the time of death of an organ donor, the organ in question is evaluated to determine its health and suitability for donation. People of any age wishing to donate tissues or organs can indicate their decision to their family members.

How Long is the Recovery Time after an Organ Transplant?

It is ideal to make sure that you pursue complex surgeries such as organ from highly experienced doctors and surgeons only. This helps make sure that your post-op recovery is a comfortable and quick one. The time taken depends on the kind of organ that is being transplanted. For instance, in case of a kidney transplant, a patient takes about 5 to 10 days, provided there are no complications. A liver transplant may take a minimum of 6 days after which the patient’s health prior to surgery is taken into account.

Am I in Good Physical Shape to Withstand Surgery?

Even the best hospitals in India will be conscious about the kind of patients they take in for a transplant. Your physical health is taken into significant account when putting you on the waiting list. Your doctor will evaluate the health of your heart and lungs and other factors before giving you a go ahead for a transplant surgery.

Am I Prepared to Deal with Post-Operative Pain and Discomfort?

It is a privilege to find an organ donor match and you must ask yourself this question before you commit yourself to the surgery. By making sure that you are ready to take on the challenges of rehabilitating your life after surgery, you are doing justice to the gift of life that is provided to you over another deserving candidate.

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